WinAt-Work: consists of four content modules on fundamental "soft skills" (Interviewing, Good Work Habits, Getting Along, Getting Ahead) and three simulation activity modules (Interviewing Game, Good Moves Game, The Communication Game). The series provides 4 to 6 hours of training, practice exercises, and simulations, with minimal reading levels required. Student Guides can be used as TIP Sheets and are available as downloadable print-outs. Interviewing Getting Organized: Child care, transportation, clothes, sleep, preparation.
Last minute Details: Appearance, arrival, what to do.
Beginning and Interview: Greeting, handshake, being seated, behavior.
What to Say: Positive attitude, correct information, brevity, calmness, manners, eye contact.
Interviewing Game: Respond to interviewer's questions. Good Work Habits Importance of Good Work Habits: Introduction.
Starting a New Job: Rules and policies, orientation.
Good Work Habits: Organization, neatness, lateness, absence.
Good Moves Game: Recognize employees' mistakes at work. Getting Along Effective Communication: Definition, guidelines, body language.
Good Relationships: Supervisors, co-workers, public.
Your Attitudes Show: Openness, motivation, loyalty.
Communicating on the Job: Giving directions, listening, phone messages.
Health Habits and Work: Eating, rest, exercise, drugs.
The Communication Game: Solve a pizza delivery problem. Getting Ahead Steps for Getting Ahead: Motivation, goal setting, planning.
Getting a Promotion: Action steps, what to do and not to do.
Job Changes: Reasons, Advantages and disadvantages, resigning.
Handling a Job Loss: Layoff, Action Steps.