WinAt-Work Training The four training modules have a short Pre Test before the main content area of the module and a longer Post Test at the end of the module. The simulation/game modules do not have tests.
While taking a module, you will usually listen to and/or read a page, then click the Next button. On certain pages you must select something on the page, such as a topic or an answer to a question, to be able to go on to the next page. You can exit a module at any time by clicking on the Exit button. The next time you open the module, you will go to the page where you previously closed the module.
To see an overview of all the topics in the module, click on the Map button. To take a Post Test without completing a module, you can use the Map to locate the last page of the module. Important Note:
To be sure your computer settings are at optimal levels for running your online modules, click on System Check on the left. In particular, note that you must have Session Cookies (Session Variables) enabled and Pop-up Blockers disabled.